Backup and Recovery

• Client-side encryption

• Private key encryption

• Security-focused storage

• Managed antivirus

• Patch management

• Archiving

• HIPAA compliance

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    Techimo develops backup and recovery services that help MSPs and other IT professionals get better control over their customers’ networks. Our cloud-based services are managed from a single dashboard, allowing you and your team to handle backups and emergency recoveries from anywhere.

    How Does Backup and Recovery Work?

    – Fully Managed BDR Solution

    If you’re interested in covering all of your bases, our fully managed services combine the process of backup and disaster recovery into one comprehensive plan. We’ll store, design, test, monitor, and assist with each aspect of your BDR plan – every step of the way.
    As soon as you need to recover a file or access an application, our data recovery services will be there to help.

    – Business Continuity Planning

    Don’t just plan to recover from downtime – plan to keep your business running continuously through all kinds of IT disasters, from natural occurrences to internal malicious actors. Not only will this help you rest easy, but your stakeholders won’t worry about discontinuity.

    – Ransomware Protection

    Cybercriminals are all too common these days. Our insider protection and military-grade backup encryption will protect your data from ransomware attacks. Stop living in fear of data loss or ransom scenarios!

    – Compliance and Data Retention

    Data retention, compliance, and security measures aren’t optional. If you’re not properly retaining sensitive data like patient records, emails, or employee records, you might face some hefty fines.
    We’ll help you stay compliant with end-to-end encryption, firewalls, and hardened security measures.

    – Insider Protection

    Backups are automatically stored in our SafeGuard Vault to protect you from accidental or intentional deletion, ready to be restored when needed.

    – Ransomware Protection

    Intelligent Application-Level Monitoring prevents unauthorized applications or software, including ransomware, from corrupting backups. Military-grade encryptions makes data unusable to outside threats.

    Data Backup and Recovery Services from Techimo

    Maintain business continuity

    While you can’t predict unexpected events, we’ll ensure the right precautions are in place to minimize downtime and keep you moving in the right direction.

    Maximize customer satisfaction

    Your constant availability is key to customer satisfaction. If your system is down and you can’t deliver, they’ll move on to a competitor with a single click. We’ll make sure you’re always on so you can consistently exceed customer expectations.

    Stay compliant

    Data loss and downtime can violate compliance and legal requirements (HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, etc.) which can lead to significant risk and potentially high fines. We’ll fill any gaps and make sure you maintain full compliance.

    Provide cloud contingency

    A backup and recovery plan is essential when migrating to the cloud. We’ll ensure you have solid processes in place, as well as resources to ensure your data is safe and secure.

    Peace of Mind by Design

    Backups by IT combines the entire process of disaster recovery into a single service. Storage, design, testing, monitoring, restoration assistance, failover, reporting and more. You can rest assured that when the day comes to recover your data, we can pull any file, application or database you need right away. 

    Backup Testing & Validation

    We prevent your restores from failing by testing your backups weekly before they go off-site. Our BDR appliance includes a fully integrated testing environment so we can test and validate backups for you. Fingers lifted? Zero.

    End-to-End Encryption

    Backups by IT delivers built-in end-to-end AES 256-bit encryption, giving you the ability to encrypt backup files and data at source, in-flight and at rest. 

    We strive to keep your business running

    Data loss is catastrophic for most small to medium-sized companies. After all, you depend on technology to stay in-business, right? Your company can weather any storm and outsmart technical glitches with our customized backup and Disaster Recovery Services.

    Our consultants work closely with you to provide a data-storage and retrieval system tailored to your specific business needs:

    Plan for the Unexpected

    We believe in preparing for a rainy day. Successful companies prevent losing valuable data by expecting the unexpected and having tech solutions in-place. Our server and system backup and Disaster Recovery Services provide peace of mind—and business security.

    Determine your business goals

    Our team of experts work with you to assess your business-continuity needs. How long can your business processes be down after a disruption? How often does your data need to be archived for optimal restoration? We create customized systems with fast backup and recovery times, ensuring you can get back to business quickly.

    Avoid server crashes

    Server crashes affect day-to-day operations of a business and can come from human error, power outages or hardware failures. A local backup or offsite storage solution may provide some relief when it comes to recovering files, folders, and emails; however, this would not address an issue of complete server loss.


    For SME-level solutions, we provide local and offsite server backup solutions, including:


    1. Comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity in the event of partial or total server failure
    2. Storage and backup monitoring and management
    3. Capacity planning
    4. Storage administration, security and consolidation
    5. Disaster and replication consulting