UI/ UX Design

• AR experience design

• Mobile app UX and UI design services

• Cross-platform experiences design

• UI and UX consulting

• Design workshops

• Motion Graphics & Rich Media Design

• Branding & Corporate Identity Design

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We at Techimo, understand the importance of great design in digital success. Our people-first, appealing, and pleasant designs address the needs of modern businesses and SME’s. We offer comprehensive UI/UX services that include branding, responsive web design, mobile app design, user experience consulting, and promotional designs using the latest tools and technologies.

Get noticable digital presence with Techimo's UI/UX solutions

– UI/UX and Usability Testing

Our UI/UX and usability testing enables cognitive walkthrough, ease-fo-use and control flow convenience.

– Design Usability Audit

Our Design usability audit solution focuses on analysing information architecture, content inventory and sitemap analysis.

– Interaction Design

We incorporate end user needs into design and create unique patterns of interaction according to the context of use.

– Experience Design

Our Experience design solution utilize interaction design usability engineering to delivery immersive engaging UX.

Techimo will let you leverage the power of Intuitive UI & UX designs

UX Research

  1. Business and Technology Requirements
  2. Brand Requirements
  3. Goal Analysis
  4. Competitor Benchmarking
  5. Market Trends and Analysis

Design Analysis 

  1. Brainstrorm Your Idea
  2. Understand Design Requirements
  3. Target Audience Analysis
  4. Competitive Analysis
  5. UI/UX Consulting

UI Design

  1. Visual Design and Branding
  2. Prototyping
  3. Graphic Detailing
  4. Design Review and Validation
  5. User Acceptance

Branding and Identity

  1. Brand Strategy and Architecture
  2. Brand Positioning
  3. Brand Campaigns
  4. Brand Identity Design
  5. Print and Publication Designs

HTML Design

  1. Clickable Prototype
  2. HTML5 / CSS3
  3. Responsive HTML
  4. HTML Template
  5. Theme Customization

Front-End Development

  1. Front-end Architecture and Design
  2. Custom Front-end Development
  3. Themeing and Integration
  4. Responsive Front-end Design
  5. Re-coding and Optimization

Usability Testing

  1. User Research
  2. Eye Tracking
  3. Accessibility Compliance
  4. Usability Compliance
  5. Heuristics Evaluation

Quality Assurance 

  1. Define Test Strategy
  2. Cross Browser Testing
  3. Device Compatibility Testing
  4. Usability Testing